AG Smorra / STEP

Antimatter and Precision Measurements

Welcome to the homepage of the ERC project group STEP

Antiparticles are rarely found in nature – we observe them, e.g. in the nuclear beta-decay and in high energy cosmic rays, however they quickly annihilate in our world of matter. In contrast to our experience, the Standard Model of particle physics is symmetric regarding particles and antiparticles. The interest of my research is to compare conjugate particles and antiparticles in high-precision measurements to test this symmetry, and look for symmetry violation manifesting itself in different observations in particle antiparticle systems. To this end, I am interested in developing new antiparticle traps and measurement methods to improve the sensitivity of antiparticle precision measurements. Currently, we are developing a transportable antiproton trap to improve the high-precision charge-to-mass ratio comparison of the proton and the antiproton.


You can find here an overview of our research projects, and the updates on the project status and publications below.


Newest posts:

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Clock-based constraints on antiproton anomalous gravitation and a 4-fold improved antiproton charge-to-mass ratio measurement (05.01.2022)

Physics World nominates our work on sympathetic laser cooling of a single proton as one of the Top 10 of Physics Breakthroughs in 2021 (07.12.2021)


Sympathetic cooling of a single proton in Nature
A new cooling technique: Laser cooling power transmitted into a distant trap (25.08.2021)


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